Pet Portraits


Paintings provide a fond memory of your favourite pet, long after they are gone.

Most of us have photographs that remind us of their personality and manerisms.

You can use these photographs to preserve these memories by having them painted as a portrait.

Portraits are in oil paint on artists quality canvases.


  1. Choose your favourite photograph. If you only want your pet’s face painted, the photograph should be a close-up of their face. If you want them sitting/lying/standing choose a photograph that includes that posture.
  2. Email me a copy the photograph to
  3. I will let you know the size options for your painting and the cost. The cost of the artwork depends on the size of the canvas. The size and shape that is suggested will be based on your pet’s posture in the photograph.
  4. Thick edged canvases are available in the following standard sizes (Larger sizes can be requested):
    • 10″x10″ (254mmx254mm)
    • 12″x12″ (305mmx305mm)
    • 12″x16″ (305mmx406mm)
    • 16″x16″ (406mmx406mm)
    • 16″x20″(406mmx508mm)
  5. You can decide if you want a plain background or one that matches your photograph.
  6. The sides of the canvas will be painted so it can be hung without framing. Alternatively you can choose to have it framed upon completion.
  7. Confirm that you want to go ahead with the painting and the size you want the finished artwork.
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10”x10” (254mmx254mm), 12”x12” (305mmx305mm), 12”x16” (305mmx406mm), 16”x16” (406mmx406mm), 16”x20”(406mmx508mm)


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